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What is brand experience?

Apple. Starbucks. Amazon. Nike.

What do all of these names have in common?

They are all known in every household in the world for nailing the way they interact with their customers. In other words, they have perfected the experience their customers have with their brand.

Brand experience, a major part of the overall customer experience, is how a customer perceives interactions with your brand as well as how you interact with your customers — from billboards to social media ads and everything in between.

The best brand experiences go beyond merely providing information; they pull on emotions and create connections between businesses and their customers.

That’s where brand experience designers come into the picture!

We create experiences that help people connect with a company or product

The right designer will have an eye for what makes an experience memorable. They’ll use that memory over time throughout your product and service’s lifecycle and will design your brand experience with longevity in mind.

As your brand experience designer, I will be responsible for combining strategy, research, and creativity to develop experiences that are both memorable and meaningful. for customers at every touchpoint.

I’ll help you see beyond trends to create timeless experiences.

I will consider the role each element will play in your customers’ overall experience with your brand and figure out what will make them tick. Using collaboration and data, I’ll help you understand your customers: their context, expectations, needs, motivations, and emotions before we present them with experiences.